The Word is Out… Shellac is In!

The ideal manicure consists of two main components: long lasting and a great color. The beauty industry has found a way to turn every manicure into the ideal manicure. UV gel nail polish is a great way to ensure that your manicure still looks salon fresh up to three weeks after your service.

Elaine D’Farley raves about her recent UV gel nail polish manicure in Self Magazine, “they’ve lasted for three weeks without a single nick.”

Haven is offering the wonderful, chip free service known as Shellac. The Shellac service can be added to any manicure for $15 or as a standalone manicure for $35 at Haven.

It’s time to give your nails the pampering they deserve! Call Haven at 920-339-1111 or go online at to schedule your appointment.

Undress your Hair

Bumble and Bumble has come out with one of our new summer favs… the Hair (Un)dressing Creme.

Why are we so crazy about undressing our hair? Because we can finally give hair that “elusive, undone-yet-done quality, with a hint of grit, hold and a tousled, shine-free finish,” just like Bumble says it does.

This texture product is great for any hair type and works best when applied to damp hair. Our stylists are pros at working with the product, and we’ll teach you how so you can master the perfectly messy look too.

Undress your hair and let its sassy attitude shine!

Featherlocks, the Summer Must Have

Haven is dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of all the latest trends. Just in time for summer we bring you Featherlocks!

Available  in a variety of colors and prints, the quality feathers come from roosters and have a life time guarantee.

They can be washed, dried, curled, and flat ironed, never loosing their luster. Featherlocks can be reused. No chemical is used to put the Featherlocks in or take them out.

To schedule an appointment call Haven at 920-339-1111 or visit us online at

Spa Membership… What are you Waiting For?

Did you know that Haven offers a spa membership as a way to reward our loyal guests?

Your $59/month membership includes:

One 60 minute monthly spa service of your choice:
• Choose from any 60 minute massage or facial service on our menu
(excluding medical spa services)
• Upgrade to any 90 minute service for only $20!
• Services can be rolled over for up to 30 days
• Book unlimited additional 60 minute services each month for just $59
• No cancellation fee, cancel anytime.
• Special member only incentives and discounts throughout the year!

By becoming a spa member you will be able to take advantage of exclusive specials for members only.

Lori Jaeger has been a spa member since November and says she loves the membership because it “encourages me to go to get a massage since I really want to but sometimes I just get too busy,” also,” the spa membership provides an economically better value.”

Become a member like Lori and started getting the monthly or weekly pampering you deserve. For more information about the spa membership visit Haven’s website or talk to a guest service representative when you stop in or call Haven at 920-339-1111.

The Power of Touch

Source: The Oprah Magazine, Levi BrownThis recent article from The Oprah Magazine supports our belief system at Haven. Not only does massage feel great, but it’s good for you too!

The Cedars-Sinai study is part of a growing body of research that shows a link between many forms of touch—from massage to hand-holding—and improved health. A study from the University of North Carolina found that sitting in close contact with a partner for 10 minutes lowered blood pressure in women. Other research has found that physical contact can trigger a boost in serotonin, a natural antidepressant.

Tiffany Field, PhD, director of the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine, recommends getting a “regular dose” of some type of touch lasting at least a few minutes each day, although 10 to 15 minutes is optimal (see Make Contactnext page). This is true even for those who tend to guard their personal space. “Most touch aversion is to social touch; it’s the unpredictability of it that bothers people,” says Field.

Rapaport has gained such an appreciation for the power of touch, he’s starting a new trial to investigate the effects of massage on anxiety and has made the topic a personal research focus. “We’re finding biological changes associated with a single massage session,” he says. “That’s saying something.” Source:

Happiness goes a long way. Let Haven help you achieve a stress free, healthy space in your life.

If you have never had a massage before or are looking to try a new type of massage we have what you need. Our professional massage therapists will customize every massage to be perfect for you! We also specialize in hot stone massage, Japanese hot stone massage, reflexology, chakra balancing massage, cranial sacral, prenatal and infant massage.

Feel the power of what massage can do for you by scheduling an appointment at Haven via phone, 920-339-1111 or online at

Ready, Set, Blog!

Haven family – we have joined the blog revolution! We are thrilled to expand the ways we can communicate with you and receive your feedback.

This blog is for you! By offering information on new releases, current events, hot trends, tips and tricks to help you get the look and feeling you deserve, client testimonials, and spotlights on products, services, and Haven team members we hope to serve you better than ever before.

We are confident the articles, stories, and photos we will share with you are relevant and helpful. As always, we welcome your comments and feedback on any post.

Thank you for being a valued guest at Haven. We look forward to blogging and seeing you soon.