Todd Lohenry has challenged you to join Grovo

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video Todd has challenged you to join them on Grovo!

Grovo helps you discover and learn how to use the web’s best sites, stay in the loop when your favorite sites change, and test & share your knowledge with friends. Sign up for free to earn your stripes in Pinterest, Facebook, Evernote and more with Todd and others!

On Grovo you learn with friends, so you can stay tuned into what your friends find interesting and join them in real time. You can also earn achievements and certifications as you learn more about trending web apps, and show off your insider knowledge.
Join Now, for Free!
– Your friends at Grovo
The Internet’s a powerful tool; Grovo can help you get the most out of it.
Questions? Read the FAQ or reach out to us at
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Grovo Learning, Inc. | 133 West 25th Street, Suite 7E | New York, NY 10001.
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