How to Deal with Thinning Hair: An All Natural Solution that Delivers Results.

Many people often think of thinning hair as an issue for men; however studies show that the problem is almost equally as prevalent in women.  2 out of 5 women report being concerned with thinning hair.

Before we talk about the treatments, let’s take a brief look at the causes.  Hormones and genetics are believed to be the two most common causes of thinning hair and hair loss, although hair loss can also be caused by certain medical conditions such as a thyroid disorder, lupus, chemotherapy and even chronic stress.  It’s always wise to consult your doctor if you suspect that an underlying medial issue may be the cause.

Aveda recently launched Invati, 97% naturally derived and proven to reduce hair loss by 33%.  Invati is powered by a unique blend of herbs, known for their effectiveness in Ayurevda, a 5000 year old healing tradition from India.  Tumeric and ginseng help energize and rehabilitate the scalp around the follicles, creating the optimum environment for healthy hair.

Here’s how it works:

Invati Exfoliating Shampoo cleanses and exfoliates the scalp, creating the optimum environment for hair growth by removing the buildup of sebum that can clog pores. ($24)

Invati Thickening Conditioner is clinically proven to restore strength, improve hair elasticity, and reduce breakage.  It is also clinically proven to thicken the hair with a blend of guar, palm and rapeseed derived ingredients.  ($24)

Invati Scalp Revitalizer contains Densiplex™ with ginseng and turmeric to energize and rehabilitate the scalp.  It creates the optimum environment for healthy hair, clinically proven to accelerate microcirculation with therapeutic massage.  ($60)

We’ve received rave reviews from our customers since launching this product and we’d love to have you to try it for yourself.   We invite you to schedule a complimentary in-salon Botanical Scalp Therapy Treatment ($50 value) with the purchase of your new Invati system.  This treatment features a deep therapeutic massage with essential oils designed to bring the healthiest balance to your scalp.

As always, we’d love to hear from you.  Leave your questions and comments below or hop on over to our facebook page and join the conversation there.

How to Conceal Acne like a Pro – (and why you shouldn’t use your under eye concealer over acne)

Have you ever tried to conceal a blemish only to find that it drew even more attention to your latest breakout? Jane Iredale’s Zap&Hide is the product that you need. The key is making sure that you choose the proper concealer for your skin tone, a general rule of thumb is to choose a color that is a shade or two lighter than your foundation.  The next step is to determine what type of concealer you need.  In most cases, the concealer you use to cover a blemish should not be the same as the concealer that you use to cover those under eye circles.  Here’s why:

If you have fine lines or wrinkles in your eye area, you want to use a concealer that is moisturizing and nourishing.  If you use a concealer that is too drying or chalky it will enhance those fine lines and make you look older or tired.  Similarly, if you use a concealer that is too moisturizing over a blemish, you will make it worse.

Jane Iredale just reformulated the Zap&Hide Blemish Concealer.  I absolutely love this product – it’s so easy to use.  Zap&Hide is a double-ended blemish treatment stick that will conceal while it heals and leave skin looking radiant. Zap is a clear stick containing beneficial antiseptic and anti-inflammatory botanicals, while Hide is a highly pigmented, creamy concealer to cover the blemish.

Simply apply Blemish Balm, the clear side, to the blemish, then apply Blemish Concealer and feather the edges.  That’s it!  Zap&Hide is powerful and effective, but gentle enough to be used as often as needed. Keep your skin looking fresh and clean all day long!

What are your greatest challenges with concealer and foundation?  I would love to hear from you!  Join the conversation by leaving a comment below and be sure to pick up your perfectly matched shade of Zap&Hide from Haven.

OPI Appliques

The OPI appliques are coming to Haven soon! We’ve had a few samples that we’ve been able to test out and cannot wait until we get our full inventory in because we know that you’ll love them too.

The OPI nail appliques are 100% real nail laquer and dry in seconds. They are a perfect way to have stylish designs on one, a few, or all of your nails with out worrying about them chipping. Long-lasting, just like the OPI gelcolor polish, the nail appliques set under a UV light.

Are you excited to try them? Mention that you would like to add on a nail applique with your next manicure or OPI gel manicure for your next appointment at Haven. You can schedule an appointment by calling one of our guest service representatives by calling (920) 339-1111.


Aveda’s new stress-fix aromaology is exactly what you need if you’re finding that daily stresses are taking over your life. Read what Aveda has to say about their new stress-fix line:

Stress can really take its toll on your physical, emotional and spiritual health. At Aveda, we turn to Ayurveda, a 5,000 year-old healing tradition from India, and western science to find 21st century solutions for the stress we experience every day.  Both teach us that the power of touch, breath and aromaology can be combined to create quick and easy wellness rituals you can do at home to give yourself the mental, physical and emotional break your body needs.

Stress-fixTM body lotion, concentrate and soaking salts are all Ecocert certified organic. Their aroma, infused with French lavender, lavandin and clary sage from organic farms, is clinically proven to relieve feelings of stress.

At Haven we offer 3 stress-fix products: stress-fix body lotion, stress-fix concentrate, and stress-fix soaking salts. The body lotion is perfect for those who type often or have other repetitive hand movements during the day. The concentrate  comes in a portable roller-ball so you can carry it with you and relieve stress at any time of the day. The soaking salts were made for rejuvenating baths. Light an Aveda candle and let the soaking salts get to work!

We also offer a stress-fix body massage, which is clinically proven to reduce feelings of stress. Haven’s Spa Manager, Diana Klevesahl, likes how the techniques used in the stress fix massage allows for deeper work to be done especially in the rotator cuff and spine area. Also, these massage techniques use the pressure point triggers to find relaxation through the head, neck, and face. Diana says,

The combination of the lavender, clary sage, and frankincense aromas soothe the body so  the massage can strip the muscles of stress and leave you feeling fully rejuvenated.

Do you want to experience life stress free? Stop at Haven to pick up the stress-fix products and schedule your stress-fix massage to start your journey towards rejuvenation. We know you’ll be glad you did.

Feeling Alive

The sunny collection from Jane Iredale is here! The Feeling Alive collection is complete with 6 individual pieces and available in two Grab&Go Kits.

Contents of the collection include: Pink Silk Eye Gloss, Aqua Silk Eye Gloss, Rose Dawn Bronzer, L.A. Just Kissed Lip Plumper, Rio Just Kissed Lip Plumper, and Pink Lip Definer.

Along with the collection, Jane Iredale has created four looks that are perfect for any sunny get-away. The four looks: Ipanema Breeze, Carnival Nights, Sunrise Stroll, and Premiere Party can be found on You can also customize your own look!

Schedule a make up application at Haven to try out the new collection and see which look is best for you. All of the pieces are also available at Haven for purchase.

Here we come, Holland!

Eager to go on a summer get-a-way? You don’t need to wait any longer, come in for a manicure or pedicure and we’ll help you relax just like your on vacation.  Choose one of the new colors from OPI’s Spring/Summer collection, Holland.

The Holland collection is complete with 12 different colors, ranging from soft shades to colors that are deep or bright, each polish will give your nails some shimmer. Perfect for a day time meeting, a weekend wedding, or a night out there is a shade from OPI’s Holland collection that will keep you on trend.

Call Haven at 920-339-1111 to schedule a manicure or pedicure with one of the Holland colors!

Aveda Lash Abundance

Aveda’s Lash Abundance is the natural way to boost your lashes. This serum will create fuller, thicker, and longer lashes with a twice daily application.

In just eight weeks, the botanically-based formula enhances your lashes to make them more voluminous than ever.

Haven stylist Courtney Wunder has been using Lash Abundance for the last four weeks and already notices a difference. Gearing up for her August wedding, Courtney is hoping to see a dramatic improvement in the quality of her lashes. “I love it because it doesn’t dry my eyes out, they feel the same except my lashes are getting longer and stronger.”

Courtney loves Lash Abundance and we know you will too. Pick your boosting serum up at Haven and love your lashes!

Amp Up the Volume!

It’s time to amp up the volume in your hair, the Moroccanoil Extra Volume Shampoo and Conditioner are the tools you need to do it.

With the same trademark Moroccanoil scent as the regular shampoo and conditioner, these products will give you the boost you’re looking for. Learn about the newly released products from Moroccanoil:

Extra Volume Shampoo and Conditioner contain antioxidant argan oil and nutrients to cleanse, detangle and bring back body to hair. They beautify hair with shine, manageability and movement, while making it easier to style. The formulas are free of sulfates, phosphates and parabens, so they’re safer for the environment and won’t dry, fade or strip hair of color. They’re even free of sodium chloride, making them safe to use after keratin treatments.

Pair it with the Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray and you will have body like never before!

Stop by Haven today to pick up your set of Professional Moroccanoil Extra Volume Shampoo and Conditioner.

The Long Lasting Mani

Your prayers have been answered — the perfect combination of your favorite OPI nail polish colors and a long lasting manicure is here — OPI’s brush-on GelColor.

In all of the classic and must have OPI shades, the GelColor is an extended wear manicure that lasts for up to two weeks. Also, it dries instantly.

The OPI GelColor is the hottest, fastest, and longest lasting manicure on the market. This professional service is offered at Haven.

Join Anna Paquin and everyone else who is ready for an extended wear manicure: get gelled and have a peace of mind that your mani won’t chip.

Cosmopolitan Feb. 2012

Thinning Hair, Beware

Fuller hair is finally here! Aveda has released the Invati product line to help reduce hair loss  by 33%.

Invati includes a professional in-salon treatment with three at home hair care products. For best results the regimen should be started with the in-salon treatment.

Botanical therapy treatment for thinning hair helps energize with the power of tumeric and ginseng with a refreshing scalp massage that improves microcirculation. The treatment helps create a healthy scalp environment for an enhanced experience with the invati solutions for thinning hair, helping to reduce hair loss to keep the hair you have longer.

The three step system for at-home care includes the invati exfoliating shampoo, invati thickening conditioner, and invati scalp revitalizer. The shampoo cleanses and exfoliates sebum and product buildup that may block the pores preventing hair growth. The conditioner restores strength and improves elasticity, reducing breakage. Finally, the scalp revitalizer rehabilitates the scalp when massaged in.

For more information on the invati system visit Aveda’s website or schedule a complimentary consultation with a Haven stylist (920) 339-1111.