How to Conceal Acne like a Pro – (and why you shouldn’t use your under eye concealer over acne)

Have you ever tried to conceal a blemish only to find that it drew even more attention to your latest breakout? Jane Iredale’s Zap&Hide is the product that you need. The key is making sure that you choose the proper concealer for your skin tone, a general rule of thumb is to choose a color that is a shade or two lighter than your foundation.  The next step is to determine what type of concealer you need.  In most cases, the concealer you use to cover a blemish should not be the same as the concealer that you use to cover those under eye circles.  Here’s why:

If you have fine lines or wrinkles in your eye area, you want to use a concealer that is moisturizing and nourishing.  If you use a concealer that is too drying or chalky it will enhance those fine lines and make you look older or tired.  Similarly, if you use a concealer that is too moisturizing over a blemish, you will make it worse.

Jane Iredale just reformulated the Zap&Hide Blemish Concealer.  I absolutely love this product – it’s so easy to use.  Zap&Hide is a double-ended blemish treatment stick that will conceal while it heals and leave skin looking radiant. Zap is a clear stick containing beneficial antiseptic and anti-inflammatory botanicals, while Hide is a highly pigmented, creamy concealer to cover the blemish.

Simply apply Blemish Balm, the clear side, to the blemish, then apply Blemish Concealer and feather the edges.  That’s it!  Zap&Hide is powerful and effective, but gentle enough to be used as often as needed. Keep your skin looking fresh and clean all day long!

What are your greatest challenges with concealer and foundation?  I would love to hear from you!  Join the conversation by leaving a comment below and be sure to pick up your perfectly matched shade of Zap&Hide from Haven.

The Chignon Bun you Can Do Yourself

After attending Advanced Styling with Jon Reyman at the Aveda Institute of Milwaukee Haven stylist Lindsey Grawitch came back to share that she had learned two handfuls of awesome new techniques.

We are so excited that Lindsey was fortunate to be trained under Jon Reyman, Artistic Director to the Aveda Academy New York, because he is a hair rockstar. Having designed shows in New York, Miami, London, Seoul, and Toyko some of Reyman’s celebrity clients include Caroline Herra, Oscar de la Renta, Ralph Lauren and Perry Ellis. Reyman has also been featured in Vogue, GQ, Cosmopolitan, and Harper’s Bazaar. With a resume like this there is no denying how great the styles will be that Reyman teaches.After the class, Lindsey told us, “this class was inspiring and it was an honor to work with someone so knowledgeable and influential in the industry.”

We are thrilled that as prom and wedding season is arriving we have so many trendy, fashion forward styles to wow our guests with.

There are two myths about special occasion styles we disagree with: 1) they don’t have to be the usual curls that are pinned up, 2) they are not just for special occasions.

One of Lindsey’s favorite styles from the class is a chignon bun. Lindsey tells why this look is great, “the bun is versatile, working in all hair types, and it’s extremely simple to do.” It combines the classic elegance that a bride is looking for with the hot trends of 2012. Better yet, you can do it yourself!

Watch as Lindsey shows how easy this chignon bun is and then reveals how its perfect for a wedding, prom, a night out, or just a day at the beach.

Need to set up an appointment to have a professional style? Would you like to pick up products so you can re-create these looks at home? Stop in or give us a call (920)339-1111.

Cover up Un-washed Hair with an Easy Do

Bumble and bumble stylist Q. Ellis-Lee created an easy do-it-yourself look for, Bb says it’s perfect for the summer days you spend at music festivals. Whether you haven’t washed your hair for a few days or you just want it off your neck, this is a simple style that will keep your hair washing secrets while making you look glam.

Follow these simple steps that‘s Megan McIntyre created after Q taught the trend:

Photographed by Guang Xu

Start off by emulsifying a dime-sized amount of Bumble and bumble Color-Minded Styling Balm in your hands, then run it through your strands. Q says that by coating your hands in the balm, you’ll get the most even coverage. The balm has UV protection in it, so it will help protect your mane from the sun, as well as adding a small amount of hold and shine. It also keeps your hair moisturized, so it’s not all dry and full of flyaways.

Once your hair has been properly “balmed,” use your fingers to create a slightly messy, deep side-part. You want to lift and “scoop” your hair at the root as you pull it back to help create a bit of extra volume.

Starting on the side of your

head that has the most hair,

begin rolling your hair in towards your head, gathering in more as you go. When you get to your ear, place a pin downwards into the roll to help secure. You want your roll to be volumized and a bit loose, but not falling out, so if you have thick strands you might need to use more than one.

Continue rolling until you get to the nape of your neck, then place another pin at the end of the roll. Repeat on the opposite side.

Gather the two loose sections of hair at the back of your

head into a ponytail and secure with a hair bungee. You can use an elastic, but Q says he prefers using the bungee as it is easier to position and wrap.

Take your ponytail and twist it until it bends upwards into a roll.

Continue rolling up until all the hair is in this loose chignon, then pin the ends of your hair at the base of the neck to hide them and anchor the style.

To add a little bit of festival flair, take a fresh flower and trim the stem so it is about an inch or two long. Take a bobby pin and attach it to the flower, then push the pin into your hair at the base of the chignon.

Try this look at home or ask your Haven stylist to style your hair using the summer look from Bb. stylist Q. Visit Haven to pick up any Bumble and bumble products you need.

You are What You Eat

Haven promotes total body wellness. This means along with looking great, we believe its important to feel great too, both on the inside and outside.

Total body wellness starts with how you treat your body. Are you managing your stress? Do you get enough physical activity? Do you eat foods that will help instead of harm your digestive system?

Your face is one of the most obvious places that all of your daily stresses and lifelong decisions show. Celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder shares her tips for the secrets that face mapping can reveal. Watch Snyder on a clip from Today to hear the 6 foods everyone should be eating to create healthy, radiant skin.

If you are searching to improve your skin start with a diet makeover like Snyder suggests. Also, schedule your own complimentary face mapping session with one of Haven’s aestheticians or a book a facial and jump start your new skin regimen.

Everyone deserves glowing skin, just remember, you are what you eat!

Feeling Alive

The sunny collection from Jane Iredale is here! The Feeling Alive collection is complete with 6 individual pieces and available in two Grab&Go Kits.

Contents of the collection include: Pink Silk Eye Gloss, Aqua Silk Eye Gloss, Rose Dawn Bronzer, L.A. Just Kissed Lip Plumper, Rio Just Kissed Lip Plumper, and Pink Lip Definer.

Along with the collection, Jane Iredale has created four looks that are perfect for any sunny get-away. The four looks: Ipanema Breeze, Carnival Nights, Sunrise Stroll, and Premiere Party can be found on You can also customize your own look!

Schedule a make up application at Haven to try out the new collection and see which look is best for you. All of the pieces are also available at Haven for purchase.

Sleek and Stylish: Backstage with Betsey Johnson

Sometimes less is more. Aveda stylist Jon Reyman agrees and shows off his sleek and minimalist styles for the Betsey Johnson 2012 collection.

Do you want to recreate the look at home? Pick up the three Aveda products that Jon used in the Betsey Johnson looks: smooth infusion style prep, volumizing tonic, and control force. We sell all of them at Haven!

How to Have the Hair of a Spring Break Goddess

Spring break season is fast approaching, whether you are jet setting across the country or staying close to home you can master the look of spring break hair with these tips from Haven stylist, Courtney Wunder.

“Bumble and bumble surf spray is the key, ” reveals Courtney “you can use the product  after you shower or hop out of the pool or ocean to give yourself a style without effort.”

When you’re on the beach the last thing you want to do is spend hours in front of the mirror flat ironing your locks. Surf spray is easy — leave it in your beach bag so it’s always handy.

“Take your towel and give your hair a little scrunch,” says Courtney, “Then apply 10-15 sprays of the Bb. surf spray and you’re good to go.” This style gives your hair a tousled, beach worthy look.

Ready to go out at night? You can reactivate your wave using a few sprays of Bb. prep and drying your hair with a diffuser. Your hair will remember the style it was in earlier but with the help of the diffuser will also give it added volume and extra sass!

Don’t be stuck on vacation worrying about your hair, bathe in the sun knowing that you have the style of a Spring Break Goddess.

5 Easy Ways to Change your Look

The New Year is here! Along with resolutions, this is the time when many people are taking steps to change their look. Whether you’re seeking a subtle or drastic makeover, you can make use of these simple tips to jump start the new year and the new you!

1) Wear lipstick. Red and pink are in this season. These colors work best with a soft, neutral eye and are the perfect way to add a little color if you don’t usually wear lipstick. Give the new trend a try. We love the Jane Iredale Lip Fixations!

2) Get a professional brow shaping. Many people tweeze their eyebrows at home and always have the same shape. Just tweaking the shape of your brows can create the difference you are looking for. This can be done in less than 15 minutes at Haven, schedule your appointment on your lunch hour or stop in on your way home from work.

3) Cut your bangs. Without loosing any length on your hair or paying for a full hair cut, you can construct a new image with a few snips. Cutting your bangs is a fast and easy way to revamp your appearance.

4) Try liquid eyeliner. It allows you to define and shape your eyes in a dramatic way. Whether you just want to look different during the day or create a drastic change between your work wardrobe and your going-out get-up, liquid eyeliner is the way to go. The Jane Iredale liquid eyeliner we carry received the Allure Editors’ Choice Award, were not kidding, this stuff rocks!

5) Accessorize! Anything from some new bling to a stylish purse in your hand can alter your look. Jewelry changes your appearance without being permanent. Do you always wear your hair back in a pony tail or straight down? Add a headband to increase the glam and amp up your look.

Are you ready to make a change? Visit one of Haven’s stylists for personal advice about eye brow shaping, bang trims, and the perfect lipstick shade for you. Make 2012 they year of you!

The perfect lips for your NYE kiss

Pucker up! With this lip gloss trick from Jane Iredale you will have the most kissable lips in town on New Year’s Eve.

Brooke wearing Soft Peach lip gloss and Rose Gold 24K Gold Dust

Jane says to combine one of their lip gloss shades like Soft Peach Pure Gloss with a 24K Gold Dust over the top. This neutral undertone with a shimmery top will make your lips sparkle just how they should on New Year’s Eve.

Our personal favorite 24 K Gold Dust is the Rose Dust. When paired with the Soft Peach Pure Gloss your lips will have a hint of color and will shine when caught with the light.

Dress your lips up for this years NYE kiss. Pick up your lip gloss/ 24K Gold Dust combo. from Haven before you head out for a night of fun!

Get Merry with a microZone

Do you have one skin challenge that just bugs you? Are you trying to squeeze a service in over your lunch and don’t have time for a full facial? Do you want to keep up with your skin between facial appointments? The microZone treatment is here to help!

This 30 minute service is designed to target zone-specific problem areas. It is the quick fix for troubled skin and the perfect in-between facial treatment. At only $32 your wallet will be happy too!

There are 7 microZone treatments, here’s what Dermalogica has to say about each service:

Flash exfoliation: Firm, resurface, tone and brighten skin with maximum strength exfoliation to help reverse the signs of aging. A nourishing cocktail of vitamins, botanical extracts and conditioning agents help soothe and restore skin to optimal health.

Eye rescue: Firm, tone and brighten tired eyes with our unique blend of peptides, firming proteins and therapeutic vitamins.

Rapid spot clearing: Spot be gone! Expedite the clearing process of that pesky breakout with extensive cleansing and ingredients ideal for clearing sebum and impactions. Also works to help skin recover from inflamed lesions.

Blackhead relief: Get control of blackheads before they manifest into breakouts with this treatment that gets down into the pores and leaves skin super-clean, purified and refined.

Lip renewal: Be remembered for a fuller, plumper, healthier smile with this smoothing, conditioning treatment for an area that’s often ignored – the lips!

Hand repair: The first place to show the signs of aging are the hands – help them recover and help protect against future damage with maximum strength exfoliation and intense moisturization for ultra-smooth hands.

Men’s skin fitness: This treatment helps expedite skin recovery from current damage (such as irritation, redness and ingrown hairs) while treating your specific skin condition.

Let us help you banish breakouts and revitalize your tired eyes, visit Haven to experience the microZone on your lunch, between appointments, or whenever you need a little you time!