Vegan for a Week, A Carnivore’s Journey – Part 2

Todays post is a guest blog by Diana Klevesahl, Spa Manager at Haven Salon & Spa, LLC

In last weeks blog we introduced you to Megan, Professional Skin Therapist at Haven and resident vegan extraordinaire.  At Diana’s request, Megan helped this self-proclaimed meat lover adopt a completely vegan lifestyle for just one week to give her a better understanding of it.  Here is a summary of Diana’s experience:

This journey was an amazing learning experience.  I learned a great deal about nutrition in general, but I also learned a few things about myself in the process.  Change is always hard, but I found that keeping the refrigerator stocked with the proper foods made it so much easier to make good choices.  I work a lot of hours and rarely feel like cooking at the end of day – I am usually very hungry and look for a quick and easy choice.  Before this experiment I often defaulted to microwaving some frozen chicken nuggets or a pizza at the end of the day, but I found that by making a large pot of vegan chili at the beginning of the week, I had a healthy quick meal that I could pop in the microwave and enjoy for a quick and easy dinner.  I also found that having a few great resources and cookbooks on hand made it easier as well. 

I realized I could get protein from other sources such as beans and lentils and that I actually enjoyed eating them.  I added more whole vegetables and fruits to my diet and I was surprised to learn that I felt full and more energized then I have in quite some time.  While I didn’t go into this looking to achieve weight loss, I did lose 6 pounds which was an added benefit that has encouraged me to stay focused on eating more healthy whole foods and reaching less for microwaved chicken nuggets. 

The only negative effect that I can report at all was feeling a bit gassy, especially in the first part of the week, but it did improve as my body adjusted to the change and I felt great by the end of the week. 

Will I stick with it long term?  Well, I won’t give up meat completely, but I like to say that I am now a carnivore with vegan tendencies.  What I will stick with is continuing to make positive lifestyle changes.  Eating healthier inspired me to begin exercising again and I am already feeling stronger than I was just a week ago. 

I want to thank Megan for all of her help and support, and for the encouragement to make a change.  Sometimes the very act of just making a small change, any change, can have a ripple effect that brings more positive energy into your life than you thought possible.  So I encourage you to make changes of your own, it doesn’t have to be vegan, perhaps just a desire to get more unprocessed real whole foods into your daily diet.  I challenge you to give it a try.  I promise you will be glad you did!